Lectures in 2023

2023 was all about gaining insights into transport infrastructure mega projects, materials, robotics, and manufacturing.

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Matthias Vollat - Dec 11, 2023
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Lightweight construction is an important topic in all areas of mobility in order to increase the sustainability of mobility systems. We would therefore like to thank Dr. Wilfried Liebig from IAM for the insights he gave us in the area of "Materials for Lightweight Design". It was an exciting presentation with many interesting questions afterwards.

Berlin Airport, Stuttgart 21 or the new main line in Munich. There are plenty of mega infrastructure construction projects, and not just in Germany. But what can we learn from these projects? This was the focus of the topic lecture by Dr. Eckhard Szimba from ECON who spoke about socio-economic impacts, challenges and lessons learned from transport infrastructure mega projects.

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In early December, the members of the Graduate School had the opportunity to attend a guest lecture by a remarkable personality. The KCIST Colloquium, organized by the IAR, hosted Prof. Jean-Jacque Slotine, who is a brilliant expert in the field of "Stable Adaptation and Learning". The seminar offered an exciting insight into robotics.

The best technology is useless for the mobility revolution if it cannot be produced in sufficient quantities. This is why the topic lecture on "Advanced Manufacturing for Mobility Systems" was particularly exciting. The slides were presented by Prof. Dr. Fredrik Zanger together with his colleague Johannes Schubert from WBK. Thank you for the lecture and the fascinating insights.