Graduate School

Structure and Members

Join international PhD students gather at KIT and discuss topics from the field of mobility together with the members of the graduate school, as well as various professors.

The operational management consists of the scientific speaker, the General Director, elected representatives of the doctorial reseachers and the topic speakers. Additionally, the General Director is in close exchange with the members of the Graduate School and their supervisors.

Team member 01

Prof. Dr. Eric Sax

Scientific Speaker
Team member 02

Dr.-Ing. Matthias Vollat

General Director
Team member 03

Daniel Bogdoll, M.Sc.

Representative of the Members
Team member 04

Sofie Ehrhardt, M.Sc.

Representative of the Members

Our Members

We present to you the past and present doctoral researchers of the UpGrade Mobility Graduate School, their associated institutes, and their PhD topics.

Daniel Bogdoll

AIFB • 2021 – Present

Generation and detection of rare situations for autonomous driving

Christopher Bohn

IRS • 2021 – Present

Computation of reachable sets for motion planning of highly automated vehicles

Sofie Ehrhardt

IFAB • 2021 – Present

User acceptance/-studies and the elaboration of human-machine interfaces

Julia Gandert

TVT • 2022 – Present

Thermal design of lithium-ion pouch cells and according cooling systems

Lukas Michiels

FAST • 2021 – Present

Automation of mobile machines

Felix Pfaff

IPEK • 2021 – Present

Evolutionary principles supporting synthesis of future generations of products and systems

Sebastian Raab

IAM • 2021 – Present

Modeling and characterization of PEM fuel cells

Silvan Scheuermann

ETI • 2021 – Present

Measurement and upgrading of motor windings for use with SiC semiconductors and high voltage levels

Stefan Schläfle

FAST • 2021 – Present

Influence of Vehicle operating conditions on tire-road particulate emissions

Tobias Schulz

FAST • 2021 – 2023

Application of machine learning methods in the condition monitoring of safety-relevant sensors and actuators

Dominik Stepien

HIU • 2021 – 2023

Synthesis and development of electrolyte systems based on ionic liquids for lithium metal batteries

Po-Hua Su

HIU • 2021 – Present

Development of polymeric active materials for rechargeable batteries

Claude Weyland

IFV • 2021 – 2023

Modeling of freeways with dynamic freeway control system

Xilai Xue

HIU • 2021 – Present

Development of alternative anode materials for rechargeable batteries

Esther Linner

IOR • 2022 – Present

Simulation based optimizaion approaches for last mile services

Ben-Micha Piscol

IRS • 2023 – Present

Validation of learning methods for trajectory following control for highly automated vehicles

Timon Schlögl

FAST • 2024 – Present

AI-Based Vehicle Performance and Road Condition Prediction

Moritz Laupichler

ITI • 2024 – Present

Route planning in road graphs

Daniel Flögel

IRS • 2024 – Present

Human-machine interaction in the context of trajectory planning in high-density urban environments